Tag Your Items



Collect items to consign such as children's, teen and maternity clothing. Other items such as toys, baby necessities, games, books, and kids furniture can also be sold! There are plenty of families looking for items that you have lying around. 



Visually clean and fresh smelling items attract the most sellers! Take time to freshen up items that have been stored and may smell stale. Prep all items by hanging all clothing items on hangers. All types of hangers accepted. Hangers will not be returned and will go home with shoppers. Items are most presentable when they smell clean, are being sold in the current season, sold as a complete set and are safe and compliant to be sold!



Price your items to move FAST! Enter tags online by typing in description of item. Set your own price! Price items for what you would want to pay for it and not based on any emotional attachment or memory to it ( WE all do this!) We have pricing guidelines to help assist you with selection of prices based on condition and brand of items. Fill out all items during the tagging process to ensure that the item stays with the proper tag if it gets separated during the sale. 

Secure tags


Attach bar code tags to items after printing from your consignor portal. Use safety pins to secure bar code tags to items. Tagging guns and zip ties/ribbons can also be utilized. Place tag on the front and on the right side of the item where it can be easily seen. 



Sort and store items that are similar together to make drop off faster. You can secure clothing that is the same size and gender together so when you get to drop off it'll be faster to place items out on the consignment floor. Make sure all hangers are facing the same way to make sorting and screening faster for volunteers. 

Prepping items for drop off


Place items in containers or carrying bags to make it easier to bring your items into drop off! We will have carts available to help you transfer your items to the drop off area. 

tagging steps


Enter your tags

Grab the item you want to tag and enter a detailed description of the item. It will help you when you are tagging items after printing the tags but will also help volunteers find the tag if it should get detached from your item later. Make sure to include the season, and size of the item.  Do not write hand written changes on the tag such as discount or donation. It will not show up in our scanning system. 

add preferences to items

You will select if you want items to be reduced, or donated during the tagging process. This is selected for each individual item. Reduced items will become half off during the last day of the sale if not sold prior to that day. Donated items will also be priced at 50% during the last day of the sale, and will be donated to a local charity if not sold at the event. Items that will be donated MUST be marked as discounted when making the tag.

Print your tags

Tags will need to be printed on white cardstock.  Cardstock must be used to print tags on because regular paper tears easily. The thicker the better! Tags are handled many times before items make it to their new homes! We don't want you to miss out on a sale because the tag has fallen off. Use white 8.5 X 11 cardstock, 67 lb minimum to ensure the tags will have a better chance of staying attached.  No regular copy paper will be accepted for printed tags. Sorry for the inconvenience but it is best for you and shoppers. Please do not hand write anything or make any handwritten changes to your tags. This does not show in our scanning system.  If you do not have a printer you can save the files and print them at a local office supply store or a public library for a small fee. 

Sort tags

Put tags in order how your items are organized to ensure quick tagging. Before or during tagging it is best to sort items by size and category to help speed up the drop off and sorting process. Entering a stack of items and then printing and tagging works efficiently for some instead of printing all the tags at once. This is especially helpful for people who are short on time and need to work on it over a period of time or have many items. 

prepping items

Make sure items are clean prior to drop off! Wipe items down and use a magic eraser to take care of any spots or scuffs on toys or shoes. Spot and stain remover will be helpful for removing small stains on clothes. Clean items sell faster! So do items that smell fresh so use fabric refresher and wrinkle release spray to help smooth out wrinkled fabric. A quick cycle in the dryer works too! Place items on hanger and use appropriate size hangers to ensure items don't fall off during the sale. We will have lots of shoppers sorting through to find their desired items to purchase.  Children's hangers work best for clothing under 4-5T and adult hangers for sizes larger than that. If you use adult hangers make sure to secure items with safety pins to keep items on the hanger. Items that can't be hung up for the sale can be placed in Ziploc bags and the tag taped to the outside of the bag. NO CLOTHING ITEMS IN BAGS PLEASE! Clear packing tape works best for this. Tagging guns can help with tagging but make sure to tag at the seam or a hole can be accidentally created. 

check for recalls

We want to make sure only the safest items are sold to our consignors and customers. Please help us to ensure this by checking for recalls and defective items prior to bringing items to drop off. Large items can have tags secured  with zip ties and/or tape. 

How to tag and secure items other than clothing



Shoes can be zip tied together to ensure they don't get separated. When placing the zip tie on you can go through the laces or the back of the shoe. The tag can be added to the zip tie during this process. Make sure to remove any scuffs with a magic eraser for a barely used look!


Bags can be hung for display or placed on a table at the consignment sale. Secure the tag to the bag and make sure all zippers work and nothing was left in them! 

Books and dvds

Tags can be taped to the back of the book but may cause damage when customer is removing the tag. Because of this it is recommended that the book be placed in a large Ziploc bag and the tag taped to the outside. Make sure to secure multiple items together with bags or cling wrap. Make sure all sets include all the items of the set and the tag describes how many pieces are in an entire set. 

large items

Large items sell very well at consignment sales! Make sure to properly clean all items well and use a magic eraser to remove any spots or scuffs. If you are selling a car seat or crib you will need to bring a completed waiver to the sale with you. Links for waivers are found below by clicking on the click here for waivers link. 

LEt us know how your tagging and prepping is going on our facebook page! We are all in it with you :


how to hang items

Items need to be hung all facing the same way. Make sure to place hanger like a question mark when looking at the front of the item. This will help shoppers to view the front of the item while going through the clothing racks. Multi piece items can both go on one hanger with shirt in the front, and pants in the back facing outward. Pin these items together to make sure they stay together as a set. Multi piece items should be described on tags to ensure that the check out process goes smoothly and items go together. Bottom hangers are not always easy to find so regular hangers can be utilized to hang bottom pieces. You can hang bottoms on regular hangers by making sure the edge of the pants are over the sides of the hangers and pins are secured to the pants on either side of the hanger.