Consignor portal information and common questions


icons in consignor portal (will not be on printed tag)

Tag with percent sign icon- means item is discountable. Absence of icon means item is not discountable.
Truck icon - means item is donatable. Absence of icon means item is not donatable.
Money bag icon - means item has been sold. Absence of icon means item is not sold.
List with check mark icon - means a tag for this item has been generated for printing. Absence of icon means a tag has not yet been generated for printing.
Moving dolley with box icon - means this item is currently identified as a restock item. Absence of icons means the item is not marked as a restock item. 

how to add items

To add items to your inventory you click active inventory on the consignor home page. This will take you to the Consignor Inventory Menu. Use this screen to Add, Edit, or Delete items you are planning to bring to our upcoming sale. Your tags will be printed exactly as you enter your items here. Fields with an asterisk are required. For the best experience, avoid using the BACK button in your browser while working with inventory. You can quit and finish later. your items will be saved. You may not price an item less than $1.00 and you must price items in .50 cent increments. Items you mark for donation are automatically marked as discountable.


You can filter you inventory list by adding a search word. This will display your desired inventory. An example of this would be searching for socks and all items that are labeled socks would appear now on this current list. To get out of this list you can uncheck the filter checkbox and click refresh results. The box below it needs to be checked if you wish to see all your inventory at once instead of just the last five items that were put into your inventory.  Click the inventory option button for more options on working with your inventory. here you can choose to discount, donate or inactivate all items at once. 

printing tags

to print your tags in the consignor portal click on print tags and choose to print selected tags (This option is for people who just want to print a few tags at a time, or have already printed some of their tags) or click on print all tags to have all your active inventory tags printed at once. If you have previously printed tags and only want to print unprinted tags make sure to check the Show Only Un-Printed Tags Below box. When you are ready to print click on the tag printing options tab and choose how you want to print your tags. Tags will print 6 to one page. IMPORTANT! The tags you generate for printing will appear in a new window. Please configure your browser's popup blocker to allow popups if your tags do not appear in a new window after you click one of the Tag Printing Option buttons. If you want the tags to print in pdf you must click the generate tags in pdf format box that's located under the printing tab. 

inventory reports

You can view or print off a list of your inventory. This report is located under the inventory reports tab.  

How to check sold items

Click on the view your sold items tab to see what has sold during the sale. The sale reports will be uploaded every night after the sale closes for the night.